How to shoot fireworks Independence Day is also unofficially known as barbecue-and-fireworks day—and while I can’t help you grill a better burger, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for some quick tips on taking better photos of your local pyrotechnics display. Believe it or not, it’s pretty […]

How to shoot fireworks

Anyone can pick up a field guide, set of binoculars and identify birds, but a truly dedicated birder has certain qualities that allow them to appreciate this hobby to its fullest. If you share these qualities of a good birder, you’re more likely to become an accomplished and expert birder […]

Birding Ethics !!!

Do you know Birds have up to 25,000 feathers, and regular preening keeps each feather in good condition? Second only to feeding, preening is a common bird behaviour easily observed in a backyard or out in the field, and understanding why and how birds preen can help birders better appreciate […]

Astonishing facts about Preening

The field of photography can be difficult to master because it involves both creativity and technical skills. In addition, a photographer’s development is often non-linear. Some may easily grasp the technical side of photography, while others pick up post-processing more quickly. Some are extremely creative, but have a difficult time with a more […]

Landscape Photography

Why You Need Flash for Bird Photography !! Capturing bird images is one of the more difficult genres of photography and sometimes we have to photograph birds in less than optimum conditions. In a perfect world birds would sit quite still, for at least 10 seconds in perfect light, until […]

Fill Flash Photography