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Chopta Valley and its surroundings in Garhwal Himalayan region is extremely good for birding. The only apprehension we had was due to the recent disaster (June 2013) was not sure how much habitat was lost for the winged friends. Our journey began along with call from masood husain , an […]

The Phantasmagorical Chopta…

All things you should know about nidicolous birds and nidifugous birds. The terms nidifugous and nidicolous by Lorenz Oken in 1816,Lorenz Oken (1 August 1779 – 11 August 1851) was a German naturalist, botanist, biologist, and ornithologist. The difference between nidicolous birds and nidifugous birds are: Nidicolous birds Birds which […]

Nidicolous and Nidifugous birds….

The word “precocial” is derived from the same root as precocious, implying in both cases early maturity .The span between precocial and altricial species is particularly broad in birds. Precocial birds are born with their eyes open. They are covered with downy feathers that soon grow to adult feathers after […]

The span between precocial and altricial species

How to shoot fireworks Independence Day is also unofficially known as barbecue-and-fireworks day—and while I can’t help you grill a better burger, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for some quick tips on taking better photos of your local pyrotechnics display. Believe it or not, it’s pretty […]

How to shoot fireworks