Chitkul – A Visit To Last indian village

Every one dreamed of an excellent carrier , A white collar job , a heavy pay packages and few nice starred vacations !!! If you want to impress friends , an international trip to Dubai will work wonders for you !!

For Team Indian Savanna these all are a passe , A white collared job , most Boring and Trust me India is the only country where you will find most of the Students first engineers than they decide what to do !!! A salary increase ?? who cares ?? international vacations , Aah yes Sepik ? Karawari? these destinations most of the people dare not to travel , still of favorites….

I feel sorry for all those people who plan a star studded trip to Himachal and ended up their story from a city life to another cities shimla , manali ….there is a whole new world if you dare to stretch you foots across himalayas !!!

So we decided to drive another off best destination chitkul , Most of the people in our circle didn’t heard of that , and a number of talks where is that ? how far is that ? stay ? restaurants…. and some crazy friends asking for typical MALL ROADS !!!

And Our answers Well a tough trip through worlds most treacherous roads , Hotels ? who needs !!  Mall roads ?? really we need that..

Restaurants ?? Ten days stock we are carrying with our self … Most of the people who were ready were miles away from these thoughts ..

And team Indian savanna watching each other and saying are these guys are normal ??

we had a cozy home , worlds best restrurants in capital city of india , Mall roads can never provide us our kind of equipment… So why someone needs all this if you are on a expedition trip

This is not for us having known that I can only stick to the job that I have in my hand. Not that we can’t do! But no immediate plans we have such. So – how do we make my life live the way Iwe want it to be. The DNA and search for its genesis is not new to a thinking mind – to decode real meaning of life but not the Buddha way certainly!

Your biggest strength could be your biggest weakness too – your family. Thinking of them, we can’t just runaway to continue our search about the question I’ve raised to myself…

So whenever we get the opportunity to backpack, take full advantage leveraging it to my competitive advantage as management philosophers have described the situation, with equipment level as high as an army convey we left our home grounds..

A pleasant evening and team Indian savanna was ready with all stuffs , one of the biggest concern was the Master Kush’s health , as he was the youngest explorer with only eight months on earth 🙂 , but after concerning doctors and our experience in mountains , we were sure we will make it a success…

We started our journey as usual in night , after travelling few lakh miles in himalayas , we always choose to travel in night , as we no more trust rash drivers with loud music in himalayan roads .

route that we followed chitkul map


The roads of this part of India can be described from as good as a driver’s dream to as bad as driver’s Nightmare !!!

To be continued …….

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